August Chapter Meeting

July 28th, 2015

Our August Chapter Meeting will be held on Tuesday, 8/4, at Doherty’s Ale House in Warwick at 7:00pm. We didn’t meet last month so there will surely be lots to discuss. Also, if you’ve never attended a meeting before this is the perfect time to start! If you would like anything added to the agenda please email me a See you there!

July RI NEMBA Chapter Meeting Cancelled:

July 6th, 2015

Due to busy summer schedules the board has decided to cancel tomorrow nights July chapter meeting. We’ll pick it back up again on Tuesday, August 4th at Doherty’s Ale House in Warwick. 7pm. I hope everyone is having a fantastic, enjoyable summer!

RI NEMBA Intro to Trail Riding Skill Clinic

May 25th, 2015

Here it is folks! The moment we’ve been waiting for…

RI NEMBA Intro to Trail Riding Skills Clinic:

Starting Monday June 1st, RI NEMBA will be hosting a 6 week, Intro to trail riding skills clinic at Big River. Each week will have a specific agenda that will build over the 6 weeks to cover everything from how to fix a flat and how to properly mount and dismount your bicycle, all the way to how to corner efficiently, climb/descend hills and basic riding skills needed to conquer the trails!! NBX bikes will be there each week with some demo bikes and will be providing some nice incentives to folks who attend the clinic

Here you will find the detailed agenda of skills that will be covered each week as well as the sign up link for the 6 week clinic. Please note that you must sign up for each day that you plan on attending.

Link to sign up: (please include name and email address)

Agenda: (Also attached as a PDF and is much easier to read)

Please feel Free to contact me with ANY questions by messaging me here or email at

RI NEMBA Intro to Trail Riding Clinic

June 1st – Introduction to trail riding and general bicycling safety

4 Mile ride on double track and fire roads plus the following topics will be covered:
a. Personal protective equipment
b. Food and nutrition
c. What to bring with you on a ride
d. How to fix a flat tire
e. IMBA rules of the trail
f. Group ride etiquette
g. Bike fit and setup
h. Mounting and dismounting a bicycle safely
i. Shifting technique and cadence ? Pedaling efficiency
j. Braking technique

June 8th – What goes up must come down

4 Mile ride on double track and fire roads with an intro to riding single track trails. We?ll be focusing on the following skills:
a. Weight transfer and balance
b. Intro to single track
c. Shifting technique for climbing and descending
d. Climbing hills
e. Descending hills

June 15th – Cornering technique

4 + Mile ride on single track trails with a focus on:
a. Weight transfer and balance
b. Cornering technique
c. Reading the trail to maximize efficiency and momentum

June 22nd ? Overcoming obstacles Part 1 (Log Hoppin?!)

5+ mile ride on single track trails with a focus on:
a. Weight transfer and balance
b. Front and rear wheel control
c. Riding through sand
d. Riding Roots
e. Hopping Logs
f. Reading the trail to maximize efficiency and momentum

June 29th ? Overcoming obstacles Part 2 (Rock & Roll!)

5+ mile ride on single tracks trails with a focus on:
a. Weight transfer and Balance
b. Riding through rock gardens
c. Rock rollers and riding up and over large rocks
d. Reading the trail to maximize efficiency and momentum

July 6th – The grand finale and graduation ride!

8 mile ride utilizing all the skills learned and practiced over the past 5 weeks! Congratulations on a job well done!

Big River Fun Ride, 5/17!

May 12th, 2015

- Arrowed loops from Beginner (6ish miles) to Painful (20ish miles) and in-between.
- $5 for NEMBA members, $10 for non-members, join or renew and ride free! Monies go to Big River cleanup and trail maintenance activities.
- Orange required; we’ll have loaner orange vests if you need one.
- Food truck will be available following the ride.

Registration from 9am till Noon.
Exit 7 park and ride

Waiver Form Policy

May 7th, 2015

RI NEMBA Group Ride Participants:
Going forward, folks attending any and every official NEMBA hosted group ride (these are the rides listed on as well as NEMBA’s Singletracks Magazine) are required to sign a waiver before joining the ride. This is a mandate from The New England Mountain Bike Association that we must abide by. To make things easier, NEMBA has created new waiver forms that will make signing up before the ride much easier. I’m working on creating binders for each ride leader that will have the waiver form necessary for the ride that they lead. I understand that this is an added step before a ride and another responsibility for our ride leaders but I think once the ball gets rolling it will become commonplace and no big deal. For anyone questioning why we have to do this, unfortunately, it’s the world we live in now, and it legally protects both NEMBA and the ride leader in the case that something goes wrong during a ride. Bottom line is if you don’t sign, you can’t ride with the group and this will be strictly enforced. After all, it’s just a signature, so please make it a point to sign your waiver form. This includes the following RI NEMBA hosted rides…..Tuesdays at Burlingame, Wednesdays at Lincoln Woods, Thursdays at Big River, Saturdays at Big River, Sundays at Arcadia and all other RI NEMBA Fun Rides and specialty rides. Thank you for your cooperation. ~ John