Minutes from RI NEMBA meeting held on September 12, 2017

September 2017
Minutes from RI NEMBA meeting held on Tuesday, September 12, 2017, 7 PM at Doherty’s. 28 members were in attendance.

Membership Total:Unreported.

  • Around the Room:President Matt began and everyone introduced and said something about themselves.
  • Treasurer’s Report: Bart A. provided the Board with the monthly Treasurer’s Report. Listed below are some identified expenses:
    1. NEMBA Women’s Summit. Two women still to be reimbursed for attendance at the Women’s Mountain Bike Summit at Kingdom Trails in August.
    2. Meeting Street Donation. RI NEMBA will make an annual donation to Meeting Street School at their Annual Telethon at the end of the year.
    3. Arcadia Fun Ride Expenses.
    4. EFTA Insurance. President Matt suggests that at the beginning of the year we pay a lump sum to EFTA for insurance to cover our events for next year and use it until the funds run out. This will save time since EFTA has no means for electronic transfers.
    5. Lincoln Woods Fun Ride Expenses.
  • Status of New Business from Last Month:
    1. Big River Clean-Up Branching Out. President Matt has spoken with Brendan Dee about contacting the land manager for Lincoln Woods and Snake Den as possible candidates for our clean-up efforts. President Matt will reach out to the land managers and offer our assistance.
    2. RI NEMBA T-Shirts. President Matt has been in contact with Kevin Adams, a RI NEMBA member, of JMACK Studios. Kevin can provide performance-based T-shirts with simple printing for between $8.00 - $12.00. President Matt presented the logos that will be used on blaze-orange T-shirts.
    3. Neutaconkanut Hill. Amanda R. reached out to the land manager and a meeting in early November has been proposed.
  • Arcadia Fun Ride:The Arcadia Fun Ride will be held on Sunday, September 17, 2017. We will be using the same course that Jason B. designed for the fun ride originally scheduled in May. We could use another volunteer for the Water Stop and a few more volunteers for Arrows Down. Registration volunteers should arrive between 7:30 – 7:45 am. Eddie’s Barbeque is schedule to be there. Bob S. asked about a sweeper at the end of the ride. President Matt explained that our Arrows Down crew rides the entire course after the ride.Jim G. suggested moving future Arcadia Fun Rides to a different part of Arcadia. President Matt explained that recently Browning Mill Pond is the only spot where we have been able to get a permit. We will explore our options for future fun rides.
  • Women’s Mountain Biking Summit:Shannon S. and Amanda R. reported on the Women’s Mountain Bike Summit held at Kingdom Trails in August. Shannon S. enjoyed the classes they offered which included bike maintenance and how to get more women involved in the sport. Amanda R. reported that they focused on increasing women’s ridership and progressing skills. They explained that a couple of obstacles women face are not knowing where or how to ride and that women often feel intimidated by riding with men. Amanda R. and Shannon S. would like to create a Women’s Ride. Demo bikes and group-led rides similar to our Intro to Trail Riding Clinic seem to be the key. Leo C. suggested forming a subcommittee to work over the Winter and be ready to go in the Spring. President Matt will reach out to all bike shops regarding demo bikes. Alan W. suggested having a Maintenance Clinic for women and Amanda R. offered to take the lead.
  • Westerly Municipal Land Trust (Lucey Properties):President Matt reported that the August 13th Trail Build Day was another success with 12 volunteers and almost two full miles of trails being cut. Glenn T. individually continues to lay out and cut trails. Our next trail build day will be Sunday, October 8, 2017, meeting at 9:00 am. Jim Federico from the Westerly Municipal Land Trust will be there to open the gate for us. We have been asked to avoid the high school cross-country running loop, which we will do. The trails we have already cut have been well received by the town and other riders. More signage has been requested and Glenn T. reported that he will be marking the trails and assigning an ability level for everyone’s safety. The entire riding area will be marked upon completion and we would like to add a main kiosk. We hope to use our success in Westerly as an example of what RI NEMBA can accomplish.
  • IT / Web Communication Items: President Matt reported that in order to establish and/or continue to have a good relationship with the land managers of our different riding areas, he has invited them to our monthly meetings and will continue to do so. James H. had also suggested inviting representatives from different bike shops and organizations to attend our meetings.
  • Lincoln Woods Fun Ride: The Lincoln Fun Ride will be held in November. Brendan D. will provide us with the date and volunteer needs. President Matt reported that the start location may change so that the gate won’t have to be opened. Jim G. reminded us that the Lincoln Woods Fun Ride was originally schedule to be held during shotgun season in order to keep as many riders in a State Park (with no hunting) as possible. President Matt explained that shotgun season is shorter now than it was, but will talk to Brendan D. about the date.
  • Big River Trail Access: Jim G. expressed concern about some of the trails in Big River. He has noticed that many familiar and popular trails are being overused and wondered how we could direct riders to explore other areas of Big River. He suggested moving the start of our Big River Fun Ride to a different location and we will explore our options for doing this.
  • Area Riding Reports: Although the riding areas are in good shape, many areas in Big River and Arcadia are still overgrown and everyone should use caution when riding.
  • New Business:
    1. Steve V. pointed out that permits are needed for groups of 10 or more and fines are issued.
    2. Chris D. reported that the restriction of night-riding is being enforced and expressed his disappointment with this.
    3. Leo C. commented that everyone should be trail stewards in their own riding groups – police your own group.
    4. President Matt will look into Trail Building School opportunities.
    5. President Matt reiterated that one of RI NEMBA’s goals this year is to establish and/or maintain good relationships with the land managers of all of our riding areas.
  • Next month’s meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 3, 2017 at 7:00 pm at Doherty’s.
    President Matt thanked everyone for their attendance and participation, and the meeting adjourned at 9:03 pm.