Minutes from RI NEMBA meeting held on March 7, 2017

Membership Total: Not reported.

  • Around the Room: President Matt began and everyone introduced and said something about themselves.
  • Meeting Time: President Matt conducted a survey on Facebook regarding changing the time and location of our monthly meetings. It was decided that the meeting time and place will not change. RI NEMBA Monthly Meetings will be held on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm at Doherty’s in Warwick. President Matt will look into getting updated email addresses in order to send reminders out to our current membership.
  • Tool / Supply Inventory List: Alan W. is working on compiling an inventory of all RI NEMBA tools, supplies and equipment. Please inform Alan W. if you have any supplies so the list will be complete. President Matt reported that he ordered arrows for the Fun Rides and has purchased a human-powered snow groomer.
  • Riding Area write ups and mapping for website: President Matt reiterated the need for Riding Area updates and has created a template for the write ups. A brief paragraph describing the area, parking directions and some pictures are needed.
  • Single Tracks Author for upcoming issues: Authors are still needed for the Single Tracks Articles due April 5th and August 5th.
  • Snake Den Bridge Project: James H. reported that there will be approximately 60 members of the New England High School Cycling Association (“NEHSCA”) helping RI NEMBA with the trail maintenance and bridge-building project at Snake Den State Park in Johnston. Due to a course adjustment, only 2 of the previously required 3 bridges are needed. Alan W. has some lumber and Pete G. has a box nails that could be used for the project. Chris H. will use the plans he has and create a material list. James H. will confirm that we have road access for our trucks to get the materials into the Park. A date for this project will be scheduled soon.
  • Meeting Street Bike Club: The Meeting Street Bike Club will be held on Monday afternoons from 3 pm to 6 pm. It will begin on April 10th (be off on April 17th due to school vacation) and then continue on April 24th for a total of 6 weeks. Background checks are needed for all volunteers for this project. Alan W. reported that he has many volunteers for this event, but could always use more. The first week of the series will probably be at the Coventry Bike Path. Updates will be posted on Facebook.
  • Big River Clean-Up: We will once again work in conjunction with the West Greenwich Water Conservation Board for the 2017 Big River Clean-Up Project to be held on April 22, 2017. Pete G. reported that this year the clean-up will be 80% roadside clean up. Roadside clean-up will require more organization and volunteers. President Matt will look into getting orange RI NEMBA t-shirts and/or vests for members who volunteer.
  • Arcadia – Shimano Bridge Project: Shimano is taking the lead in organizing this project and has acquired the necessary permits. The date and time of the project is to be determined (aiming for mid-April).
  • Arcadia Fun Ride: The Arcadia Fun Ride will be held Sunday, May 7, 2017. Volunteers are needed for this event.
  • Arcadia – Westerly Land Trust (Wahaneeta Preserve): President Matt reported that there are two Westerly areas – the Westerly Municipal Land Trust and the Westerly Land Trust (Wahaneeta Preserve). Our project will involve the Westerly Land Trust and President Matt will be scheduling a date to walk the property. Peter G. expressed interest in joining him.
  • Intro to Trail Riding Clinic: The Intro to Trail Riding Clinic will again be held in Ryan’s Park in North Kingstown. It is a six-week clinic (you don’t have to commit to six weeks) beginning the week of May 15th or May 22nd. The Clinic will not be held on Mondays this year due to a scheduling conflict with the Meeting Street Bike Club. New day of the week to be determined. Chris H. suggested sending Bike Newport the dates of the clinic when they are confirmed.
  • Treasurer’s Report: Bart A. provided the Board with the monthly Treasurer’s Report.
  • Area Riding Reports: Members are doing a great job of cleaning up the trails. There were no specific issues reported.

New Business:

  • Paul W. suggested having the NEHSCA kids join RI NEMBA, possibly at a reduced or discounted fee. President Matt will research this idea.
  • President Matt reiterated that all RI NEMBA events need to be put on NEMBA.org for insurance purposes.
  • President Matt announced that Glenn A. has offered to provide folding handsaws for trail maintenance at cost to RI NEMBA.

Due to a scheduling conflict at Doherty’s, next month’s meeting will be held on the second Tuesday of the month, April 11, 2017 at 7:00 pm.
President Matt thanked everyone for their attendance and participation, and the meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.