Minutes from RI NEMBA meeting held on June 6, 2017

June 2017
Minutes from RI NEMBA meeting held on June 6, 2017, 7 PM at Doherty’s. 19 members in attendance.

Membership Total: Not reported.

  • Around the Room: President Matt began and everyone introduced and said something about themselves.
  • Treasurer’s Report: Bart A. provided the Board with the monthly Treasurer’s Report.
    1. Ride Leader Jerseys. NEMBA Ride Leader Jerseys that were ordered last year are on their way.
    2. Blackstone River Bikeway Patrol Donation. Leo C. reported that this donation is not needed at this time.
    3. NEMBA Women’s Summit. We are currently sponsoring 4 or 5 women to attend the Women’s Mountain Bike Summit at Kingdom Trails in August.
    4. Meeting Street Donation. RI NEMBA will make an annual donation to Meeting Street at their Annual Telethon at the end of the year.
  • Meeting Street Bike Club:This year’s Meeting Street Bike Club has been completed and once again was a huge success. Everyone had fun and no one got hurt. Huge thanks to all the volunteers.
  • Arcadia Fun Ride:The Arcadia Fun Ride scheduled to be held Sunday, May 7, 2017 was postponed due to weather. President Matt explained that a Fun Ride was originally planned to be held in the Westerly Land Trust in September and since that now seems unlikely, he suggested we reschedule the Arcadia Fun Ride to September. It was agreed that the Arcadia Fun Ride would be held on Sunday, September 17, 2017.John S. reported that most NEMBA Fun Rides ask for a $10 contribution from members and $15 from non-members (RI NEMBA has historically asked for a $5 contribution from members and $10 for non-members). It was agreed that RI NEMBA would increase the contributions for our Fun Rides to $10 / $15.
  • Arcadia – Shimano Bridge Project:On Monday, May 15th, RI NEMBA in conjunction with Shimano and DEM installed 36 feet of bridge work in an area that was continually getting flooded out. Chris H. will carve “RI NEMBA” into a board to be installed into the bridge.
  • Big River Fun Ride: The Big River Fun Ride will be held Sunday, July 16th. More details to follow.
  • Intro to Trail Riding Clinic:In James H.’s absence, Lauren H. reported that James H. is reaching out to the land manager to finalize the schedule. More details will be forthcoming.
  • Westerly Municipal Land Trust (Lucey Properties):President Matt reported that he has been in contact with the land owners, had a great meeting, walked the property and members have already started to lay out some trails. There was much discussion and many suggestions on how to move forward with this project including: getting legal permission in writing, signage, trail days, getting maps of the area and possibly being a location for a NEMBA trail school. Bill B. suggested holding days of ½ trail building and ½ riding. He reported that similar events have been held which attract other chapters with volunteers and trailers of equipment.
  • IT / Web Communication Items:As part of RI NEMBA’s attempt to clean up our social media communications, the Executive Board has decided to rename the current RI NEMBA Facebook Group to “RI Mountain Biking”. Over time, this group has changed from RI NEMBA’s original intent -- "A forum for members of New England Mountain Bike Association, Rhode Island Chapter” into a location for discussion of all mountain biking in RI. This group currently has 1350 members of which only 200 are RI NEMBA members. RI NEMBA would like to organize and separate open discussion from official RI NEMBA communication. Official communications from the chapter will be posted on our website (www.RINEMBA.org) and shared on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/RINEMBA/)
  • Volunteer Opportunities: Alan W. will write the Single Track Article due June 5th and Chris H. volunteered to write the article due August 5th.
  • Area Riding Reports:Although the riding areas are in good shape, it was reported that many areas are getting overgrown. This might be due to the large gypsy moth population last year and this year. It was suggested that we schedule some “Clipping Rides” to clean up the trails. There was much discussion and many suggestions on how to move forward with this project including holding beer and pizza nights and having raffles for volunteers. More details on these Clipping Rides will be forthcoming.

New Business:

  • Bill B. reported on how NEMBA is available to help local chapters and asked that we identify how they can assist RI NEMBA.
  • Bill B. also informed us that if you log into Amazon through the NEMBA website (www.nemba.org), 5% of your purchase goes to NEMBA automatically.
  • Donny Green of the Red Shed Bike Shop spoke of their Youth Outreach Program. They function on donations and give away bikes through Red Shed. They are looking for both bikes for kids and volunteers to work on those bikes. It was suggested that we advertise the need for bike donations at the Big River Fun Ride.
  • Donny Green also spoke of One Providence Cycling and teaching cyclecross riding to kids. They are working with the Parks Department and engineers, but also are seeking our advice in building a track. They hope to break ground in September.
  • Pete G. reported that RI NEMBA would be receiving an Certificate of Appreciation from the Water Resources Board for our contribution to the Big River Clean Up.

Next month’s meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 11, 2017 at 7:00 pm at Doherty’s.
President Matt thanked everyone for their attendance and participation, and the meeting adjourned at 8:37 pm.