About Us

Mission Statement
Rhode Island NEMBA is an organization dedicated to developing and maintaining access to sustainable mountain bike trails for the entire state . Our goal is to increase legal trail access to sustainable, multi-use trail systems that will link communities, support local businesses and promote the general health of our local population all while having a ton of fun in the woods!

We will work closely with land managers, local governments, and other recreational organizations to preserve access, sponsor events to promote wellness through outdoor recreation, attract new riders to the area and educate the mountain bike community to ride sensitively and responsibly in order to preserve the environment and the experience of other trail users.

RI NEMBA began in August of 1997 when about 30 concerned mountain bikers met at a local bike shop to discuss what we needed to do to keep our favorite trails in Arcadia Management Area open. We organized and created a unified voice for RI mountain bikers. Over time we have developed positive relationships with the Arcadia land manager and other user groups. We also do a lot of riding and stewardship in the Big River, Burlingame and Lincoln Woods.

In addition to many weekly trail rides, we host larger EFTA/NEMBA Fun Rides in various parks throughout the season.


Contact Us
President: Matt Mlyniec President@RINEMBA.org

Board of Directors: Craig Mello Lmello211@gmail.com

Board of Directors: James Hoard

Board of Directors:Christopher Hughes

Treasurer: Kerry Angelo angelo1100@cox.net

Secretary: Lauren Hoard lauren.hoard@hklaw.com

Nemba Representative: Matt Schulde matt_schulde@yahoo.com

Alt. Nemba Representative: Peter Gengler gengler.peter@gmail.com